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Otorhinolaryngology Rainbow - 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Hearty greetings. With 20 years of experience spanning 19 countries, in each and every field of Otorhinolaryngology and 800 different ORL surgeries, hereby we bring a series of events to help learning needs of our colleagues. These events which will focus on one subspecialty at a time in rotation, will be in the form of various Hands-on training, Didactic and interactive lectures, Live surgery and Cadaver dissection demo, Symposiums and Panel discussions. Stress will be to stimulate the participants to achieve their career objectives rather than proving our surgical prowess.  We have also designed innovative surgical techniques for each and every situation to ease the task of surgical performance, minimize or avoid complications and obtain best results. Our prime objective would be to help our needy colleagues obtain best results in their surgical career by using these techniques. 


State-of-the-art Surgical Skills Laboratory has been established at Basaveshwara Medical College & Hospital, Chitradurga along with Karnataka ENT Hospital & Research Center, for this purpose.  Many eminent national and international faculties will join us to lead you in the right path and bring out the best in you.  Ample study material in the form of digital books and cadaver dissection or surgical video will also be gifted to each and every participant during each course for post-course reference and practice.  


Hereby I welcome you all to make use of this golden opportunity. We will publish our prorammes for next seven months as an “Otorhinolaryngology Rainbow” as we want these events to be like a rainbow in each and every colleagues professional careers which are often dogged by heavy clouds, torrential rains and floods.   


Dr. Prahlada N.B

Mobile: +91-9342310854

Email id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Airway Update 2016

Airway Update 2016


1.Know aetiopathogenesis of various adult & paediatric airway problems.

2.Master art of evaluation adult and paediatric airway problems.

3.Learn radiological evaluation of airway problems.

4.Understand nuances of various airway surgeries.

5.Practice main airway surgeries on cadavers.

6.Pick up the technique of harvesting rib cartilage.

7.Attain skills of cartilage carving required for anterior and posterior interposition.

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Ossiculoplasty 2016

Ossiculoplasty Unfolded. A hands-on trainig programme on 18 to 20th March 2016, at Basaveshwara Medical College and Hospital, Chitradurga-577501, Karnataka, India.


Hands-on training on cadaver temporal bones and different types of ossicular reconstruction materials. Live surgery of demo of different types of Ossiculoplasty techniques, using different materials and in different scenarios. Video demonstration of different ossiculoplasty technqiues by various surgeons from across India. Discussion on Innovative techniques in ossiculoplasty. Opportunity for delegates to present their techniques of ossiculoplasty. Award paper competition to Post-graduates and Junion Surgeons related to ossiculoplasty.

Management of head, neck and faciomaxillary trauma.

Hands on training in basic skills of Management of head, neck and faciomaxillary trauma. With an experience of over 1500 cases during the last 20 years we bring you the following learning opportunity: assessment and management of head, neck and faciomaxillary trauma, get hang of golden hour in management, master imaging requirement and understanding of Radiological images, pick up skills of using various equipment, hands on training conservative techniques on cadaver bones, hands on training of mini-plating/ wiring techniques on Cadaver bones, know management of individual fractures of each bones.

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